I am confused regarding the skills for the ROLEX (dressage) the FEI Youth World Cup plus The Olympics. What shows should we compete inside, how several points should we gain, and just how do we progress about? I absolutely simply have to learn how to receive about track to be capable to compete at these competetions, like skills. Thanks!

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We have to register or join with a dressage company or club. There are different shows inside a location plus commonly they are all registered with all the same business plus we function a method up by there ‘qualifications’ by showing, understanding plus showing again.

Below are many hyperlinks which will aid we however the probably thing is to receive hooked up with a club which is for dressage plus others inside the club may aid we from it all. It is confusing!

Great chance!


(PRWEB UK) 27 April 2014

Germanys Helen Langehanenberg lived as much as all promise she has shown over the last some seasons to clinch the 2014 Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage title inside fashion now with all the fabulous stallion, Damon Hill. She became a woman about a mission within the outset, driven about by the big hunger she felt following needing to settle for runner-up place at last years Final before lost out about individual bronze at the London 2014 Olympic Games by an agonising 0.03 percentage points.

Today the 30-year-old rider forced all which into the previous, producing a breath-taking performance which catapulted her into the lead whenever fourth-last to go of the 17 by to the closing stages. And despite their right efforts, defending champion Adelinde Cornelissen plus her Dutch colleague Edward Gal couldn’t do better, needing to settle for 2nd plus 3rd places respectively.

Langehanenberg is the eighth German rider to take the coveted trophy inside the history of the FEI World Cup Dressage series, as well as the initial because Ulla Salzgeber plus Rusty did a back-to-back double inside 2001 plus 2002. Its only a dream come true, its a desirable feeling! she mentioned afterwards, barely daring to believe what she has attained. However her achievement was hard-earned, because this Final was fiercely fought by a few of the many refined, talented plus experienced riders the sport of Dressage has ever yielded.

Out inside Front

It was Italys Valentina Truppa plus Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno that were out inside front at the half-way stage. The 27-year-old from Milan, that competes inside the uniform of the Caribinieri plus is daughter of Dressage judge Enzo Truppa, threw down 1 of her daring trademark performances which included one-handed piaffe for a score of 79.696. This relegated the past rival, Denmarks Sidsel Johansen, to temporary runner-up place with Schianto, whom completely pleased the crowd with 1 of his right tests of the season for a mark of 75.393.

Swedens Minna Telde plus Santana didnt threaten with their mark of 74.107 whenever upcoming into the ring because the action resumed. And though 23-year-old Dane, Anna Kasprzak, showed lovely, balanced passage throughout a completely steady test with all the 14-year-old Donnperignon, her superior mark of 77.857 nonetheless left Truppa out inside front. Swedens Patrick Kittel plus Watermill Scandic HDC met a wall of sound within the spectators whenever entering the arena, however despite good piaffe plus passage their score of 78.393 wouldnt upset the leader or the best end of the scoreboard either. It took German veteran, Isabell Werth plus her function inside progress Don Johnson FRH to do which whenever raising the game with a score of 80.429 with simply 4 more left to go.

New Standard

But Langehanenberg set a entire fresh standard whenever upcoming inside, her stallion punching out fantastic piaffe plus passage plus devouring the ground with his extended, loping walk because they executed their floor-plan with absolute precision. Any worry which the one-tempi canter changes might haunt them following their mistake inside this movement throughout Thursdays Grand Prix were dismissed by the consummate coolness of it all. Clearly this had been a test which might take certain whipping because the scoreboard showed 88.286.

Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven might have been intimidated to locate herself plus Don Auriello sandwiched between Langehanenberg plus 2014 Reem Acra champion Edward Gal from The Netherlands, yet rather the Swede just rose to the event. Her elegant 13-year-old bay gelding showed fabulous extended trot en path to a mark of 82.661 to show which his area among the stars was well-deserved. Gal then followed with all the dark horse of the Reem Acra Final, the black gelding Glocks Undercover that certain thought could only spring a surprise inside the closing stages. But whilst the 12-year-old horse demonstrated beautiful piaffe plus passage their total of 84.446 was effectively brief of Langehanenbergs target.

Only defending champions Adelinde Cornelissen plus Jerich Parzival today stood involving the German as well as the largest happen of her job, as well as the Dutch riders big gelding was his normal flamboyant self because he strutted his means by passage, piaffe plus his trademark pirouettes. The crowd held their breathing because the judges took their amount of time in posting their marks. However whenever 86.214 came up found on the scoreboard it was well-defined which the hat-trick Cornelissen had been hoping for wouldn’t materialise plus it was Langehanenberg carrying the Reem Acra trophy aloft at the finish of your day.


The German rider has trained with double Olympic gold medallist Klaus Balkenhol for the last 10 years plus her back-up team equally involves her parents, very her mom that travels to all her shows, plus her spouse Sebastian that steps into the training part inside Balkenhols absence. She mentioned this night which among the points which amazes her about her horse is his constant improvement plus his self-assurance.

He gave me thus much self-confidence throughout the test now, it felt like the greatest test you have ever performed, I was afraid to do too much yet he told me, take it effortless Helen, you will do this together!

She reflected about what has occurred over the last 8 months or thus. After London (Olympic Games 2014) I questioned what you can do, considering I thought it was absolutely ideal, yet this might be my horse, I think its best plus then he only does it even better again, he is amazing! He certainly is anything unique, he will read plus write! she mentioned.


Cornelissen was satisfied which she didnt encounter the difficulties she faced throughout Thursdays Grand Prix. It had been a lot better this time, no spooks, I merely gave it my ideal shot plus Im fairly happy with all the day. I love my unique music yet you are not about automatic with it yet, you continue to be getting utilized with it. In another couple of shows it is ideal! she mentioned.

Gal mentioned I had a ideal ride plus Im very happy with him (Glocks Undercover). He must receive more utilized to the ambiance inside an arena like this, where the crowd goes right above his head. He has a lot more to discover, elements which I cant train at house, thus you should do more shows plus he’ll receive more self-confidence plus that will assist you to be even greater.

Fourth-place Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven was rightly satisfied along with her outcome. It was a phenomenal feeling with all the ambiance as well as the audience, plus Im form of proud of sitting up here along with you men, she mentioned hunting over at the best 3 riders. I think we did pretty perfectly. Don Auriello is changing all time, he is getting stronger plus more mature, he is continuously improving, she added.

Super Riding

Ground Jury associate, Swedens Gustav Svalling, pointed out which five horses got a score of over 80 percent now. It was super riding, they are incredible athletes plus I was thus happy to be judging. It was extremely tight, Helen was great, her horse has these a superior walk plus Parzival was thus close. I gave Edward a 10 for piaffe plus transitions, they were thus soft, however, the walk for his horse is not the strongest whilst Helens horse has a super walk, he pointed out. Before Totilas you (the judges) didnt provide 10s, nevertheless today you do, to that Gal promptly retorted thus we all need to be thankful to me for which!

The mood was celebratory because the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Final drew to a close. There was the sense of the time having come for Langehanenberg to shine as well as for the new champion it is actually today time to step back plus enjoy her achievement.����

During the week she was among the numerous to stand plus enjoy the fabulous dresses tailored by sponsor Reem Acra that have been about show. She was thinking how she could look inside 1 of them. Perhaps, following todays achievement, she would really discover out…..

Full report at http://www.fei.org

I am confused regarding the skills for the ROLEX (dressage) the FEI Youth World Cup plus The Olympics. What shows should we compete inside, how numerous points should we gain, and just how do we progress about? I certainly simply have to recognize how to receive about track to be capable to compete at these competetions, like skills. Thanks!

Answer by happypappy
contact rolex plus ask for skills.

Answer by DressagePrincess
First of all, Rolex is not dressage, its a 3 day event. The dressage inside rolex is a lot lower level than which inside the actual dressage category. You don’t have to qualify for Rolex, we only signal up but the score could qualify we for high level occasions. We need sponsors plus 1 heck of the horse to receive any further. Once we have sponsors, they can enable we. Additionally possibly contact a few of the riders which compete inside the contests you want to compete inside. Often occasions they will provide we training inside exchange for function…nevertheless be ready to function hard. By being about them, they may apprentice we…they are doing this with young riders all of the time.

Answer by Starlight 1
Contact the USEF, or United States Equestrian Federation, for a list of rules plus laws regarding this competition, and also instructions for you to qualify to compete inside it. You are able to reach them online at www.usef.org. These are typically the nationwide equestrian federation of the United States, plus they might have all of the info we require. BTW: Dressage Queen, the Rolex observe plus jewelry business DOESN’T only sponsor the 3 Day Event every spring inside Kentucky- they ALSO sponsor different occasions plus shows, including the 1 that the asker is speaking regarding, as well as will be among the underwriters for the World Equestrian Games inside a couple of years, whenever those come to Lexington.

To the asker: Additionally to phoning the USEF, I might additionally go online plus contact the USDF also, at usdf.org, because this might be a dressage competition you’re asking about. They will allow you to figure out what you ought to do to qualify too. Chances are good which you need a sponsor or 2, plus yes, you’ll need a especially fine, useful, effectively trained horse.

I hope this helps.


Gothenburg, Sweden (PRWEB UK) 25 April 2014

Germanys Helen Langehanenberg threw down the gauntlet whenever securing a convincing victory with Damon Hill NRW inside the preliminary Grand Prix at the Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage 2014/2013 Final inside Gothenburg, Sweden now. The 30-year-old rider plus her 13-year-old stallion have been challenging the supremacy of back-to-back double-champions Adelinde Cornelissen (NED) plus her wonderful gelding, Jerich Parzival, for certain time today, plus following todays outcome have piled found on the stress before Saturdays Freestyle decider.

Langehanenberg had it all to do, having been drawn inside the worst potential beginning place whenever initial to go now, plus there was clearly a lot of drama because the tension got to most leading contenders. But the winning pair just rose to the event, producing a sparkling performance which set a target none of the rest might match.

Runner-up was The Netherlands Edward Gal with Glocks Undercover, when last into the ring, Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven plus Don Auriello completed 3rd for the host country. The largest surprise of your day was the fourth-place finish for the defending champions, whose test was severely compromised with a disastrous spooky episode because they were executing piaffe, 1 of their trademark sturdy points, over the centre line. Parzival suddenly spun about a round plus then did it again before regaining his composure plus going about to complete his test.����

Fascinating Competition

It had been a fascinating competition. Canadas Jacqueline Brooks plus her charming gray gelding, D Niro, showed why they were thus consistently located found on the Florida circuit over the winter months whenever producing a terrific performance for a mark of 67.356 whenever next into the ring. The 45-year-old rider would barely have expected which this will be adequate to qualify for the best 15 that usually battle it out inside Saturdays Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage Freestyle Final, nevertheless it left them inside 13th destination at the finish of the really interesting afternoon.

They were all chasing Langehanenbergs starting score of 79.863, plus Denmarks Anna Kasprazak plus Donnperignon gave a advantageous account of themselves whenever, 4th to go, they were granted 74.894. But, they were rapidly elbowed from runner-up place by Gal plus Undercover whom appeared relaxed plus concentrated because they built their delivery to a real crescendo for a mark of 78.465. The steadiness of the geldings head, plus their crisp, clean transitions gave an air of real control, yet the 43-year-old rider accepted afterwards which he didnt have the simplest of rides. Today he (Glocks Undercover) was more tense than he was inside Den Bosch. He saw anything he didnt see this morning, however Im quite happy with him plus he only kept getting greater plus greater throughout his test. Hes a fantastic horse to ride considering he feels like he would like to do it for we, the 2014 Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage champion mentioned.


Earlier each morning, the Grand Prix start-list was reduced to 17 whenever Germanys Kristina Sprehe withdrew her 12-year-old stallion, Desperados FRH, due to lameness inside a foreleg. The 26-year-old rider, that helped her nation to take team silver at the London 2014 Olympic Games, observed the horse was unsound plus, at an early morning click meeting, German coach, Monica Theodorescu, explained which Desperados was withdrawn following examination by the team veterinarian.

That left really 8 inside the initially tranche of riders, plus whenever Denmarks Sidsel Johansen plus Schiantos 69.878 was followed by 69.498 from Switzerlands Marcela Krinke Susmelj plus Smeyers Molberg, there were merely 2 left to run before the half-way break.

It all fell aside for Marlies van Baalen whose chestnut gelding, Miciano, became increasingly agitated plus uncooperative, yet the young Dutch rider showed what shes made from whenever riding from it all to complete with a disappointing score of 63.070 nevertheless with all the reassurance which she had completed the test. Last inside before the interval, Canadas Jaimey Irwin plus Lindors Finest place 61.474 found on the board.

Led the Way

Italys Valentina Truppa plus Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno led the means inside the next half with a score of 71.778 plus Russias Tatiana Dorofeeva followed with a mark of 64.286 from Khorovod whilst Swedens Minna Telde plus Santana posted 72.097 to confirm a spot inside the final 15. Norways Lillann Jebsen plus Pro-Set scored 68.146 despite losing their means, yet the house crowd gasped whenever Patrik Kittels performance with Watermill Scandic HBC was swiftly spoiled with a double-take inside the corner of the arena because they executed their initial extended trot plus, when unnerved, the chestnut stallion not settled to his function for a score of 69.559 that might leave them inside 10th region inside the final analysis.

With simply 4 left to go, the Ukraines Inna Logutenkova plus her colossal gelding Vian Stallone set sail for a mark of 66.702 before Cornelissen plus Jerich Parzival took their turn. Second-last into the ring, Isabell Werths Don Johnson FRH furthermore did a double-take early inside their test, nevertheless the German star that has accumulated 29 shiny medals at Olympic, World plus European Championship level throughout her amazing job, showed the advantage of her extensive experience by riding with even better determination for a wise outcome of 75.015 that placed them temporarily 4th before Swedens Vilhemson-Silfven plus Don Auriello relegated those to fifth because the competition drew to a close.

Very Happy

Langehanenberg accepted which she might have preferred to begin later inside the competition, However it happens to be how it really is plus you need to try the ideal, plus I am truly happy with my ride, she mentioned, instantly following coming from the ring. I had a brilliant feeling, though it became a bit of the pity with all the ‘ones’ (the one-time canter changes), it had been a bit of the mistake plus it was truly pricey however,, okay, greater chance next time as well as the rest was great! she pointed out afterwards.

Even this many unassuming of women couldnt assist yet acknowledge now still which she is daring to hope the Reem Acra title might be in her grasp. I cant certainly explain it however, the sensation of being together with my horse merely gets greater each time you go into the arena today. Something occurs because shortly because you begin the test, plus it provides me the self-confidence to go inside plus certainly provide it everything Ive got! He is actually inside front of me, plus free, plus functioning for me, she mentioned following her victory.

I love to ride the Freestyle, it is very my favourite thus I am truly hunting forward to Saturday, she added. Damon Hill NRW will look forward to a very relaxed day tomorrow. We can merely function found on the ‘ones’, you wont do too much thus I may keep him happy plus fresh,” Langehanenberg mentioned. Clearly, she plus her stallion are today the ones they all need to beat.

The Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage 2014/2013 Freestyle takes spot at 13.20 nearby time. Dont miss a piaffe or perhaps a pirouette – observe all of the excitement about http://www.feitv.org.

Result: 1, Damon Hill NRW (Helen Langehanenberg) GER 79.863; 2, Glock’s Undercover (Edward Gal) NED 78.465; 3, Don Auriello (Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven) SWE 77.432; 4, Jerich Parzival (Adelinde Cornelissen) NED 75.410; 5, Don Johnson FRH (Isabell Werth) GER 75.015; 6, Donnperignon (Anna Kasprzak) DEN 74.894; 7, Santana (Minna Telde) SWE 72.097; 8, Fixdesign Eremo del Castegno (Valentina Truppa) ITA 71.778; 9, Schianto (Sidsel Johansen) DEN 69.878; 10, Watermill Scandic HBC (Patrik Kittel) SWE. Full outcome here: http://results.scgvisual.com/2013/goteborg/r11.html.

Facts plus Figures:

17 horse-and-rider combinations started inside today’s Grand Prix.

Three stallions plus 14 geldings competed inside today’s competition.

The youngest horse inside today’s Grand Prix was third-placed 10-year-old Don Auriello, ridden by Sweden’s Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven.

The oldest horses were all 16