I was wondering does anybody have a total groups count to measure how many teams are highlighted on Ea Sports Ncaa Football for the PS3 and PS2 for possibly 2014 and 2014 ?

Solution by Jon G
im fairly sure they have every single Division one team although im not positive about Divisions 2, 3, and four. i wouldnt know just how numerous since i gave up on NCAA following 07 when they took out race to the heisman manner

Reply by Matt Sanchez
they have each and every division one university, which is just about a hundred and twenty groups give or just take about 4
ive listened to that they have experienced some division 2 colleges but i’m not sure, but my duplicate, 09 only experienced division 1

Reply by Flip
2010 has only D1, 120 teams. Exact same for 2014, most likely.

Football is one particular of the most well-known sporting activities in the entire world. Countrywide Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a discussion board that encourages school level soccer game titles played by scholar athletes. There have been video match sequence as well about the identical released by EA sports.

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At present, the only EA Sports NCAA Football games are made for consoles. I would actually like to have it for Pc alongside with my Madden sport. What do you believe?
There is an online petition to EA Sports for this subject matter at: http://www.petitiononline.com/NCAAgame/
I investigated more about no Madden for Personal computer, which is true for 09. Many thanks for your solutions.

Reply by Oh Yea Its Af
Unless they’ve talked about it in their press releases, not at any time before long. EA is notoriously low-cost, they’re only willing to give the bare least. If they do, I might be suprised.

EDIT: We Ea Athletics zombies have been petitioning for a whole great deal of stuff, they do not care. Not unless of course we quit acquiring and you know that will not likely occur.

Reply by Scott D
dont really no just felt like answering this

Response by Mike31188
No, they’ve currently declared that they have abandoned Madden for Pc as properly to my understanding.


In EA sports NCAA Football 2013 are there FCS (formally D1-AA groups) If so how numerous? I go to a faculty in the Patriot League are there groups from that league in the recreation?

Answer by Jamie
yea they should, they had them in 08

Response by therealfreddy_p
sure they do have them