We are thinking how can you include gamers towards the Nationwide group within Soccer Supervisor Portable 2014? We are actively playing the particular ipad tablet edition from the video game. We are controlling Scotland, and also wished to put in a few Scottish gamers which i believe may be ideal over the record label. Inde i avoid observe any kind of choices to include gamers towards the nationwide part, simply to eliminate gamers through group.

So, just how will i include nationwide gamers towards the group? Or even feel Inde i prohibited to include gamers towards the nationwide part (is this method PROCESSOR managed? )

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To include gamers towards the team see the participant you wish to include and use it to power the particular actions ‘call upward player’ to include these to the particular nationwide group.

Please be aware when the team contains large amount you will need to eliminate a few gamers just before increasing the.


The actual lower-end versions highlight cost Palm’s unique Zire design is the initial PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT below dollar a hundred from the main producer as well as the higher end versions highlight media capability, such as functions such as digital cameras and also sound play-back features ideal for hearing Tunes.


Hand Zire & Hand Zire twenty one

The actual Hand Zire

The actual Hand Zire and also Hand Zire twenty one tend to be affordable and they are classified from your remainder of Palm’s range with black and white displays without having backlights, getting just 2 quickbuttons rather than 4, along with a conventional up/down routing key rather than 5-Way Navigator, although these two basic versions tend to be light-weight (3. 8oz or even 108g), showing off the white-colored entrance having a he grey plastic material back again.

The actual Zire, launched within the 4th one fourth associated with the year 2002 (also referred to as m150), will be the portable accountable for beginning the particular value-conscious portable trend. This wore just 2MB On-Handheld RAM MEMORY, the 16 MHz Motorola DragonBall EZ processor chip, and also Hand MIG four. one by. The actual Zire had been replaced through the Zire twenty one in the launch from the “First Variety of PIM In addition Handhelds” upon 4th one fourth the year 2003.

The actual Zire twenty one, launched even aswhile using the Tungsten T3 and also Tungsten Electronic, wore a better PIM selection (known since the Hand PIM Plus), the 126 MHz 10 OMAP311 ARM-Compliant Processor chip, 8MB On-Handheld RAM MEMORY, and also Hand MIG five. second . one

None the particular Zire neither the particular Zire twenty one acquired SD/SDIO/MMC development, that was emphatically detested through venerable portable enthusiasts. By Aug 2006, these two handhelds have already been stopped, which makes the Hand Zire thirty-one the particular basic Palm-branded PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT citing a powerful require colour. (the z22 will be the present least expensive colour design, operating at kunne dollar 99. 99 for each device.. )

The actual zire twenty one can do showing pdf file documents utilizing the totally free Adobe Viewer regarding hand MIG edition 4. Like the majority of hand handhelds, textual content from your pdf could be replicated and also stuck directly into some other programs for example memo mat, significantly improving the particular power of the affordable gadget. It really is efficient at, essentially, behaving as being a transportable term processor chip, although an extremely fundamental a single.

Hand Zire thirty-one

PalmOne Zire thirty-one and also stylus pen

Primary post: Zire thirty-one

The actual Hand Zire thirty-one is often a budget multimedia-oriented gadget. As the screen continues to be 160160, it has become colour; there is two times the particular RAM MEMORY from the Zire twenty one (16 MiB/ thirteen. eight MiB usable), the 200 MHz PXA255 processor chip, SD/SDIO/MMC development slot machine, Hand MIG five. second . eight, 4. 5mm stereo system earphones jack port along with a 5-way navigator mat, although the Zire thirty-one nevertheless just acquired two quickbuttons, rather than the regular four over the mid-priced Zire 71/72 versions. The actual RANGE OF MOTION consists of RealOne participant offering the unit a few electronic sound participant abilities along with a picture album software. It shouldn’t possess a immediate heir : the particular more recent Hand Z22 much more similar to the particular Zire twenty one, although getting the exact same 160160 -pixel CSTN 4096-color screen since the Zire thirty-one. Whilst Zire thirty-one has the capacity to perform movie (video participant not really included), the feeling is restricted through the optimum SD/MMC credit card dimension restrict (1GiB), the indegent display screen quality, colour level and also unaggressive matrix screen technologies.

Hand Z22

Primary post: Hand Z22

The actual Z22 is really a heir associated with Zire twenty one, however with no “Zire” name. Launched Oct twelve, 2006, it costs dollar 99 UNITED STATES DOLLAR. Excellent CSTN 4096 colour 160×160 screen, however functions 32MB NVRAM (20MB open to user) utilizing NVFS, the Samsung korea 200 MHz processor chip, and also Hand MIG Garnet five. four procedure program. The weight is actually 4. four ounce (96g). This is just the present colour PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT listed below dollar a hundred ($ 99. 99 at kunne start within Oct 2005)

Contained in the package tend to be wires regarding syncing having a pc by means of UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS, as well as for getting from the walls wall plug, Hand Pc software program regarding Macintosh and also Home windows, along with a display screen defender to use when preferred.

Hand Zire 74

The actual Hand Zire 74 had been PalmOne’s initial try in a PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT with an integrated camera. It had been released upon Apr twenty three, the year 2003. During the time of the launch, the particular Zire 74 is the highest-end type of the particular Zire manufacturer, showing off the 144 MHz 10 OMAP310 Processor chip, 16MB On-Handheld Storage (13MB usable), 320×320 THIN FILM TRANSISTOR 16-Bit Colour Display screen, Hand MIG five. second . one, along with a VGA-Quality Digital camera (300K -pixel along with 640×480 support). Additionally, it showcased a little joystick regarding fast routing. Sound play-back capacity had been feasible using the addition of the Sdcard slot machine, along with a Hand edition associated with RealPlayer had been incorporated. In order to counter-top the particular sluggish document exchange price regarding posting tunes towards the gadget, Hand provided a good MUSIC play-back package together with a storage device author. The intro cost had been dollar 299, however afterwards had been decreased in order to dollar 249 soon just before it had been changed through the Zire seventy two. The actual 74 nevertheless acquired benefits on the seventy two, since the digital camera had been continuously secured with a covering over the 74, and it also a new PalmOne “Universal Connection. inches

Photo shoot using the Hand Zire 74.

The actual Zire 74 failed to deliver along with any kind of wifi abilities besides the particular infrared slot. Wi fi capacity could be put into the particular Zire 74 with the SECURE DIGITAL slot machine. Just one Wi-Fi/SD credit card, SanDisk design SDWSDB-000-A10M, is actually documented to utilize Zire 74. Wi-fi abilities can be additional with the use of the foldable profile, like the Enfora Wi-fi LOCAL AREA NETWORK Profile.

Testers had been amazed at the superb quality level of the FLAT SCREEN as well as the relatively high quality of digital camera when compared with comparable era VIDEO GRAPHICS ARRAY cameras.

Specific customers discovered problems with the particular level of sensitivity from the device’s joystick, that on sepicif products had been vulnerable to running the PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT within storage compartments, hand bags, as well as other storage containers, therefore depleting the particular electric batteries. The actual suggested resources for your Hand Zire 74 (and all the other Palm-branded PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT customers because well) dealing with the particular in-pocket power-up issue tend to be the following:

PocketProtector through Geakware

Energy through Whizoo

OffAlready through Toysoft incorporated

Turn off Control keys (freeware) through Pasquale Foggia

Additionally, you could just reduce the particular rate of recurrence of the happening through placing the particular PERSONAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT into their situation best initial (so that this joystick is in the particular broader conclusion of the particular pocket). In addition , right after numerous series associated with rasing and lowering the particular digital camera, the little wire which links the particular halves from the gadget might break, resulting in the lack of hotsync capability, and finally getting not able to cost the unit.

Hand Zire seventy two

Primary post: Zire seventy two

The actual Hand Zire seventy two is definitely an improved edition associated with Hand Zire 74. Extra features consist of Wireless bluetooth, tone of voice documenting, and also video-capture along with audio. The actual joystick had been eliminated and also replace by the indented mat much like associated with the particular Tungsten versions, as well as the digital camera had been improved through zero. 4 to at least one. two mp. The actual Zire seventy two offers 32MB on-handheld RAM MEMORY (25MB usable) rather than 16MB, the 312 MHz Intel PXA270 Processor chip rather than 10 OMAP Processor chip, and also considered four. 8oz instead of five. 3oz for your Zire 74. This particular versions functions the particular more recent PIM applications, just like the Electronic, T3 and also Z22 Versions. The actual Zire seventy two had been accessible in 2 versions. The normal Zire seventy two a new vibrant glowing blue colored entire body along with silver precious metal back again. The actual Zire seventy two Unique had been a good all-silver design.

The actual Zire seventy two, although it acquired a lot more functions compared to Zire 74, had been strike having a large amount of critique and also rubbing as time passes. A few customers statement issues with the particular digital camera: the particular digital camera zoom lens is not really protected, the particular digital camera turn up useful info within lowlight problems, and also damaged -pixels are typical. (Third-party instances incorporate a zoom lens include. ) The actual display screen high quality, whilst great, might be less amazing since the Hand Zire 74. Several customers made note of the particular glowing blue color chipping and also pulling right after reasonable utilize.

Hand Zire 73

The actual expected “Zire 73″, rumored in order to are present, does not are present. The actual gossip was began whenever a item upon “Buy. com” acquired tagged the “form fitting” case for your Zire seventy two & 73. Not just acquired the particular hand within the image already been the Tungsten, however there was hyperlinks in order to Zire 73 components (which additionally, you should not are present. ) There was clearly additionally talk about a few of the specifications which were “going to stay the particular 73. inches Many of which had been the 320×480 -pixel display screen, the one 6 Mp digital camera, sixty four MEGABYTES associated with aboard RAM MEMORY and also Hand MIG six Co (symbol) (while they may be presently just creating five. four Garnet), the quicker processor chip, along with a dark or perhaps a limescale color layer, among any others.


Evaluation of numerous Zire products



Zire twenty one


Zire thirty-one

Zire 74

Zire seventy two


4. 8 oz (109 g)

4. 4 oz (96 g)

four. 1 oz (116 g)

five. 3 oz (150 g)

four. 8 oz (136 g)

RAM MEMORY dimension: total/available/Non-volatile

2/1. 8 Mb/No

8/7 Mb/No

32/24. 6 Mb/Yes

16/13. 8 Mb/No

16/13 Mb/No

32/25 Mb/No

Storage space extensible

Absolutely no



FLAT SCREEN, b/w, sixteen grey amounts

STN unaggressive matrix, colour, 12 bit

THIN FILM TRANSISTOR energetic matrix, colour, 16 bit




Processor chip

Motorola DragonBall EZ

10 OMAP311

Samsung korea

Intel Xscale PXA255 (ARM versus. 5TE)

10 OMAP311

Intel PXA270

Processor chip rate of recurrence

16 MHz

126 MHz

200 MHz

144 MHz

320 MHz

Hand MIG edition

four. one

five. second . one

Garnet five. four

five. second . eight

five. second . one

five. second . eight

PIM edition


More recent


More recent

Sound result

Not one


Flotte headset Jack port and up. Loudspeaker

Media abilities

Absolutely no

MP3 player

MP3 player, video player

More features and also products

Absolutely no

Digital camera (640*480, zero. 3 Megapixel, protected, photo), 5-way joystick

Digital camera (1280*960, one 2 Megapixel, discovered, picture and also video), mic and also tone of voice documenting capacity, Wireless bluetooth


Absolutely no


Absolutely no

Notice additionally

Tungsten : Palm’s group associated with Business-Grade Handhelds

Treo Collection : Palm’s group associated with Mobile phones

LifeDrive : Palm’s group associated with Professional-Class Portable Supervisors

Individual Electronic Associate

Exterior hyperlinks

Hand Debuts 1st dollar 99* Portable : The actual Zire Portable, Hand News release, April. 6, the year 2002

Hand Presents Follow up in order to Top-Selling Zire Portable, Hand News release (Zire 21), April. one, the year 2003

Evaluation regarding Hand Z22

Finish specifications through CNet regarding Zire 74

PalmOne, incorporated. site

Macintosh MIG By: Hand Pc four. second . one : Piskede M (Disable “Media” synchronize just before utilizing Hand Zire one, not really applied within the initial Zire, or even utilize Piskede The instead)

versus deborah electronic

Listing of products through producer personalisation and also collection

because Hand Processing



because You. Ersus. Robotics


one thousand five thousand

because 3Com


Individual Expert

Hand 3


Hand Versus


Hand VII


because Handspring


Visor  Luxurious Prism Platinum eagle Advantage Neo Professional


ninety one hundred and eighty 270/300 six hundred

because Hand, Incorporated. (2000)

Hand 3


Hand Versus


Hand VII



m100  m105 m125 m130


m500  m505 m515




To T2 T3 Watts Electronic


twenty one

because PalmOne


T5  E2


thirty-one 74 seventy two





because Hand, Incorporated. (2005)








Before Pixi


Foleo (never released)


680  700p 700w 700wx 750 750v 755p 800w Professional

Italics reveal that the gadget continues to be stopped. Products tend to be structured through the carrier’s present title at kunne time taken by item launch; a number of products were offered below following business individual.

Types: Hand MIG products

Inde i want to purchase Soccer Supervisor Portable last year regarding SONY PSP however Inde i reside in UNITED STATES. Have you any idea an area had been I could purchase a duplicate of the video game? NOT REALLY CDWOW!

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down load this! When you have the sandisk you are able to down load online games for them. Just be sure to produce the best files

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the shite

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The of low quality, filled with mistakes, your own much better associated with along with 08.