I’ve downloaded two packs and the instructions they came with ended up to extract to the software data files > SEGA > Football Supervisor 2014 > graphics.

I designed the graphics folder and two sub-folders (kits and logos) which had been to store the personalized icons and kits. Then in game I changed the show and seem choice to “usually reload skin on confirm” and however when I load existing sport or commence a new recreation, absolutely nothing has altered..

any tips?

Answer by Drewski
Fairly first rate tutorial here, www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsrTvxnM77k

if this isn’t going to function, your obtain pack may possibly not be appropriate. Sorry, wish I could be much more valuable.

Soccer Manager is a match in the British isles for ‘soccer fans’ and it is basically the place they management the coaching side of the staff about transfers, and who plays in the crew and so on. I have seen folks hooked the place they just about don’t forget they have to shower in the early morning. Sleeping at odd hrs and all kinds.

Solution by Mascherano
i checked it out a even though again..i chose a team name,and then a kit….but then i received bored :( i’d relatively it was the genuine thing :)

Answer by Michael
I play it anytime I can but I am nowhere around as addicted as those guys are