She’s 3 months nowadays. She feeds every single an hour at working day, each 2 hrs at night & I come to feel exhausted. She feels hungry rapidly even though I permit her feed from ten-20 minutes, in addition she’s already teething. Can I start feeding her cereals and system milk now? & what if she failed to want to formulation-bottle-feed?

Answer by armywifeana
Most medical professionals will request you to wait around until she’s at least five if not six months of age. Have you experimented with pumping and conserving your milk for bottles? Also, I know that my daughter was the identical way and I went over my pediatricians head when she was 3 months and started supplying her one grain cereal combined with her system (i am not able to breastfeed). Consider some cereal, but don’t make it also thick as you run the threat of constipating her. Also, make positive you begin with one grain rice, not oatmeal. Very good luck!

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Response by rosie_0801
No. Breastfed toddlers feed regularly, that is how they are. Go away her on the breast till she takes herself off, even if which is more time than twenty mins. She might not actually be receiving much of the hind milk, which indicates she’ll be gratifying thirst, but not hunger. You may spend 50 percent your day sitting on the couch feeding, but which is existence with a little baby, I’m afraid.

Reply by Dina W
I began feeding my son cereal at 3 mths for the identical explanation. I felt like a milking equipment. LOL

I gave him a couple of desk spoons of rice solitary grain at night just before mattress and slowly extra stage 1 fruits and veggies. And he still would want to breast feed on timetable. But he would feed for shorter occasions and then the volume of occasions he needed to feed lowered as he received employed to eating solids..

But speak to your doctor 1st… I just did to Olde Southern “feed the hungry infant” factor earlier down from my Grandmother:)