(PRWEB) July 09, 2014

The gorgeous Bucks County country club has been around for more than 50 years and they are excited to announce a chance to win a new set of TaylorMade Irons. All a person has to do is fill out their information on the Northampton Valley Country Club website so they may contact the winner when they are chosen. Once the form has been filled out and submitted, a confirmation email will be sent out letting them know they have entered the contest.

The winner will be able use their new clubs on the golf course of Bucks County. TaylorMade is known to be some of the best golfing equipment in the game and has pioneered them as being so easy to swing with, which is why many amateur golfers will use them, while the professionals cant get enough of them. With a new full set of clubs from Northampton Valley Country Club a person will be able to swing easier with their precisely engineered clubs allowing them to improve their game. TaylorMade has received many prestigious awards going back to 1979 and look forward to many more.

Whether one is an existing member or looking to join, golfers will be able to enjoy a beautiful course that has been designed by Edwin Ault, one of the worlds most famous. With their breathtaking views, any golfer no matter what level will enjoy the course with the opportunity to use their new TaylorMade clubs. Northampton Valley Country Club is excited to give away such a prestigious gift for a country club member.

About the Company:

Northampton Valley Country Club was founded in 1963, making this their 50th year with steady ownership by the Sklar family. Northampton Valley Country Club invites all the members and clients to enjoy golf outings, leagues and packages at their beautiful Bucks County location. They invite all members to take part in their both public and semi-private course. Northampton Valley Country Club is open to all surrounding residents, businesses and families.

To know more, visit http://www.nvgc.com/.


What are the best golf irons for a more advanced golfer?

Answer by kegger
Any big brand name like mizuno, titleist,tayltomade or callaway if they are for a good golfer you want a forged bladed club so the player will have good feel and be able to work the ball

Answer by Phillip
I think the Taylormade 09′ burner tour irons would be a solid investment for a very advanced golfer as they are muscleback (a solid blade) and not perimeter weighted (self explanitory)

Answer by googie
The ” advanced ” golfer does not have to ask that question. He should already know what feels best for him and governs his purchase accordingly.