I was simply curious just how Olympic handbags was setup. I know the united states beat Europe the other day, however they could enjoy again within the tournament? Was your first circular just to setup seeding? and exactly how is that when they all did not play one another. Just interested on how it really is all set up. Thanks a lot.

Solution by Mister Sarcastic
You will find three organizations, each team contains 4 teams, creating 12 groups in total. Following the round-robin, the very best four groups get a cya into the quarterfinals. It is the 3 group those who win (USA, Sweden, Russa) as well as the fourth group is the following team most abundant in points, in this instance, Finland.

The rest of the eight groups are positioned and enjoy each other within the qualification circular (5 Czechs vs twelve Latvia, six Canada compared to 11 Philippines, 7 Slovak republic vs ten Norway plus 8 Swiss vs nine Belarus). That will four those who win of those online games play the particular four that will got the bye within the quarterfinals (1 USA compared to the champion of 8/9 which was Swiss, 2 Sweden vs the particular winner associated with 7/10 that was Slovakia, a few Russia compared to the champion of 6/11 which was Europe and four Finland compared to the champion of 5/12 which was Czechs).

In the Semifinals, the champion of the sport involving group 1 UNITED STATES plays the particular winner from the game regarding team four Finland, therefore the USA may play Finland. Another semi-final sport is the champion of the sport involving groups 2 plus 3. In cases like this teams two and a few both dropped, to Slovak republic and Europe, so Europe and Slovak republic will play within the semi-final.

The particular Gold Honor game features course between winners from the remaining groups and the Bronze medeal sport is between losers from the semi-finals.

Therefore the way it really is set up, Europe can only enjoy the US once again if it’s within the Gold Honor or Bronze Medal sport.

Solution by pmc8680
the no- american We. O. Chemical. S*CKS! Which was a farreneheit ing objective!

The trotters over a good NHL concentrate in the battle, the Ruskies team place, Washington’s chief, the eighth Mr Aspect in the face of Canadian goalkeeper harp root rui, and Europe fulham gamers he ersus bing Crosby common brought last Stanley champions Maryland penguin group games taking place a hat-trick and assisting the group in one than 4 backward complete comeback, 5-4 defeated their opponent, completing the divine king round absolute success. But for per week after the starting of the Olympic winter online games hockey competition, Mr Aspect is not only the particular Russian terry harp underlying the only one associated with important gun characters.

In the side there is certainly more allow all group, even all of the top night clubs are stunned the NHL name. YeFu cover, inexpensive authentic jerseys Nebuchadnezzar, 2013 playoff penguin terry top scorer, NHL history within the youngest playoff MVP, IRA. Secco w chuck, energetic ace plus career targets for 5 consecutive many years more than forty, two over 50, last year world competition two targets, beating the particular Canadian group ranked ragazzi champion. Palmer Walter. Achieve SuKe, NHL active the best defensive striker, with basketball is known, the particular hand provides 02, ’08 in 2 sessions from the Stanley bands, had been selected for the 2008/09 season MVP. But they simply greenery, simply conventional weaponry, and the true atomic explosive device is we have been mentioned that the hat-trick, stated the warlords, Alexander. Mister Dimension harp root.

Mister Dimension harp root to the NHL 4 years, yearly goals are usually 40 in order to 50 + +, which includes 2 years; sixty + 12 months, Still provides three years obtained more than one hundred. Mongolian family tree he possesses Siberia, power, technology, swiftness, passion pertaining to integration to the ice handbags first phase second fantastic period is among the most representative personality. The above mentioned 4 top positioned in the NHL all may, while Mister Dimension upon memory, plus MaErJin harp root, earthen chuck completely in the five occupies a location. Is this excellent stars excellent, team, followers in mind that will mercury would certainly pop ruler million in order to attack the particular diarrhoea, moving clouds associated with cooperation? Along with what happened to the opponent, during death team called the team B, Russia’s offensive nevertheless will be simply, until.

However in Russia provides so many nuclear weapons, the largest problem is the right way to put them in to a team, this is actually the coach praise the biggest issue faced simply by radio. Their particular biggest competitors are not really Canada, Sweden, but your self. Whether they may to Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) as the primary, freewill matchs green simply leaves, for The ussr unselfish commitment and only 3 days of this particular competition can also be persevered via their quite dangerous elements. Russia may inherit within the former Soviet union seven years catch six overhead mantle; the particular team oneness will become their particular title street most important hurdle.

In addition , Russia’s defence can also be one of the essential and several NHL effectiveness opponent like to stuff ball whilst facing your body when the crashes and not challenge to use your entire body to protect, producing their protective mistakes several, but the group in the azure line with no few may the shooting vigorously within Russia a lot more playing period, often much less of the most effective Mr Aspect harp underlying on the azure line close to, visiting the particular striker included striker totally damage, this actually also is required to Russia’s strategies. Another goalkeeper position furthermore not as well insurance, Vladimir nabokov hand protection too slow, bryce Gladys important moments mindset, and floor tile mo rove young is going to be Russia protection, or instead entire protective system probably the most unpredictable elements.

In general, The ussr is a very out of balance, perhaps assaulting team, yet is too powerful before reason. When they striker that will several associate earning over 800 mil star simply no soon blend for a group of phrases, so The ussr will be a quite mediocre group, I hope underlying can endure your own obligation for their very own dreams, reverance, to do the particular locker area eldest sibling, to business lead the yellows conquered the planet!


For the Us citizens: If the ALL OF US lost as well as the Canadians gained, would you brighten on the Canadians for the Precious metal?

For Canadians: If the Canadians lost plus US gained, would you brighten for the ALL OF US for the precious metal?

BQ* Who is your second Favorite Olympic hockey group?

Solution by May well B-Version IV-Get better Vik
Yes I might cheer on their behalf if the Canadians won.. Ideally that will enhance Mike Richards and Bob Pronger to get a Cup operate this year..

BQ-I guess Group Canada.. Due to Richie plus Pronger.

Answer simply by Lubers25
This really is sort of such as when your house team manages to lose the Stanley Cup within your building. In late an Olympic tournament or maybe the Stanley Mug playoffs, We are showing the respect towards the team that will won this even if this wasn’t the home group.

BQ: Europe

Solution by Jaguar Jones is usually uncouth
Indeed I would certainly one of my greatest buddies is usually Canadian.. Marron is upon team Europe and after the particular chicks gained last night the particular mens group is gunna need to totally free base from center glaciers or their particular gunna seem like vagholes…

BQ* Canada