Wasent the Soccer World cup held in the USA in the late 80′s or the eirly 90′s? I thought it was held in Dallas one year. Could some one help me with this?

Answer by thecoochieman
The World Cup was held in the United States in 1994. France in 1998. South Korea/Japan in 2002. Germany in 2006.

Answer by Sleepy
The 1994 Fifa World Cup was held in the USA. City stadiums that held matches were: Foxboro Stadium – Foxboro, Massachusetts, Soldier Field – Chicago, Illinois, Cotton Bowl – Dallas, Texas, Pontiac Silverdome – Pontiac, Michigan, Rose Bowl – Pasadena, California, Giants Stadium – East Rutherford, New Jersey, Citrus Bowl – Orlando, Florida, Stanford Stadium – Palo Alto, California, RFK Stadium – Washington, D.C. USA got to round of 16 before loosing to Brazil 1- 0.

Answer by ngrl06
1930 made in Uruguay
1934 made in italy
1938 made in france
1950 made in brazil
1954 made in switzerland
1958 made in sweden
1962:made in chile
1966: made in England
1970: MADE in mexico
1974: made ingermany
1978made in Argentina
1982 made in spain
1986: made in mexico
1990 made in italy
1994 made in USA
1998 made in france
2002:made in korea and japan
2006 made in Germany
2010: will be made in south africa
2014: will be made in south america(brazil or argentina i think)


Since majority rule, South Africa has been plunged into a genocidal wave of violence and crime (of course hardly noticed by the same people that were whining about the evils of apartheid), yet there are actually plans afoot to stage the 2014 soccer World Cup there. Political correctness once again trumps common sense.
What’s to stop the World Cup from being the criminal feeding frenzy it most certainly will be?

Answer by emusic255
very simple, protest, publicize and procrastinate. they never fail.

Answer by Alf Garnett 1V
Hey Brad there is a long,long way to go before the 2014 World Cup destination is finally decided. The cost of Stadia in SA keeps going up and up amidst growing concern of the final bill. Building of the Stadia has got no further than site clearing in some places to arguments in others ( Cape Town & Durban). I cant help but think that Zille in Cape Town knows the writing is on the wall and doesn’t want to commence and now the losing bidder in Durban is suing the Municipality in Durban over irregularities in the awarding procedure. The winning bid to build was Group Five, a company owned by Tokyo Sexwale. Everything is tainted with the hand of the ANC and their henchmen and if violent crime doesnt sink the Country then corruption and fraud will. You must have read that Mbeki first acknowledged crime was a problem then a day later described it as a perception.This is similar to the Zuma interview with a German magazine when he blamed the Media for overstating the problem. Many of the crime sites are now saying that the ANC is targetting high profile Whites in a bid to instill further fear and step up the drive to get Whites out of SA. The farm killings go on and on inflamed by the lies of their Minister of Agriculture and the Agricultural Union are about to lay charges of hate speech against her.In recent weeks there has been the murder of David Rattray the renowned tourist raconteur, a prominent member of Business Against Crime, Anton Goosen the ultra liberal Afrikaans singer and a cycling champion in Nelspruit. So what the crime sites say seems to be true. If they cannot protect or are unwilling to protect their own citizens then foreigners have no chance. Selebi makes statements about extra Police and guaranteeing the safety of visitors to 2014 but when the killing,raping,robbing and assaulting starts he will deny everything. South Africa is synonymous with crime in Europe so it is hardly likely that fans from that part of the World will flock to SA. They are more likely to have to depend on the fans from other African Countries but how will they be able to afford the tickets at about 100 Euros each.
I think Blatter at FIFA will give them enough rope to hang themselves and then it will go to the US who are on standby.Blatter has used the PCL crusade to get the World Cup to Africa but numerous books and articles on the corruption within FIFA over which he has presided have ruined his credibility. Guess if he cannot make a buck in Africa then he will be off to the States to rope in St Oprah and get it moved to a slum in Chicago or similar.If 2014 continues in South Africa it has the potential to make the Munich Olympics of 1972 look like picnic.

Answer by stevieboy69
I think it is very sick how the ANC is going to take money that was meant to build new hospitals and upgrade some others, and build stadiums with it. If it does go ahead, my parents should come and stay with me here in the UK and rent it out to football mad foreigners for a ridiculous amount which you foreigners will pay for some stupid reason.



I want congo to qualify for the world cup (soccer/football). But i don’t know if they are finished they are currently 3rd in they’re world cup qualifying group and i want to know if the african world cup qualifying so i hope they haven’t.

Answer away…
Have the group stages finished in africa because they are still going in europe!

Have the african teams already qualified and not qualified are there still fixtures?

Answer by Kevin
Im sorry to tell you this but congo is eliminated already
but the world cup qualifying in Africa is still going on

Answer by foongwk140804
the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in the African zone is still underway with the 3rd round qualifying matches still to play. 20 African teams are still left in this qualifying round & they have been drawn into 5 groups of 4 teams each.

each team in the qualifying group plays against each other in a home & away matches. the matches will kick-off on 28 March 2013 & it will be completed on 14 November 2013. the group winners from each qualifying group will qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals in SOUTH AFRICA.

the 2014 FIFA World Cup African 3rd round qualifying draw:


the 2014 FIFA World Cup African zone qualifiers also doubles as the 2014 CAF African Nations Cup qualifiers. 3 teams from each qualifying group above will qualify for the 2014 CAF African Nations Cup finals in ANGOLA.

CONGO have been eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup African zone qualifiers as they could only finish in 3rd place in the 2014 FIFA World Cup African 2nd round Group 10. only the group winners plus the 8 best runners-up qualify to the 3rd round qualifiers.