I’m a varsity tennis participant. Correct now I am employing a $ 20 WalMart tennis racket. I questioned my mother for a wonderful light-weight carbon fiber a single from a sporting products shop but I just received flipped out on. I am actually hoping to make it to the point out championship this calendar year. I know that the racket does not make the player,but do you consider this is attainable with a $ twenty WalMart tennis racket? Or need to I just save up my personal cash to get myself a good one particular?

Reply by The King
Never ever and i imply By no means get your rackets from walmart, biglots, kmart, and so on. to be completely blunt they are crap. The frames are created mostly of plastic with nylon strings. You cant get any first rate electrical power or management from it and it cant direct to tennis elbow. So if you are critical about attempting to reach your state championship you need to have a genuine racket. Go to www.tenniswarehouse.com and check out some evaluations and demo genuine rackets. You will be surprised at the big difference as soon as you hit with a very good 1. Ideal of luck

Solution by Daniel
“The King” strike the nail of the head. I’m suprised you haven’t been instructed or just located out by oneself about rackets.

There is a enormous big difference. I won’t repeat what the King explained, but I will concur with almost everything. You need to make investments a hundred and fifty-200 on a good racket, and not just any racket from a sporting products shop. A racket that you’ve got demoed and appreciate the truly feel of. Then you require to locate a pair of strings that work with the racket. It will change your match enormously.

I am a topspin baseline and well-liked options are nadal’s racket and Federer’s. Tenniswarehouse.com is probably the very best. They have online video critiques and many other things. Investigate the site, become common with it, you must devote lots of time on it.

Good luck!


Reply by will
I flawlessly agree with “The King”. I would recommend the Babolat Aero Professional GT or any Babolat on a personalized stage.


I know that rates fluctuate from shop to shop nonetheless I’m asking yourself what retailer(s) usually ha(s/ve) good costs for tennis rackets.

p.s. remember to mention nicely known shops this kind of as goal, wal-mart,k-mart, modells, and so on

Answer by Monnie
I found my daughter a very good 1 for 50.00 at Academy Sporting activities and Outside..

Solution by tall_cutie56
ebay if you seem tough enuf and locate a excellent high quality 1

Response by the lad
I would suggest you consider Academy Sporting Items. They are pretty reasonable.