I’ve played volleyball for six years today plus have been mislead by certain truly bad volleyball camps. I have been flipping from outside hitter to libero for the previous 2 years plus have today decided to stick to libero because i’m not tall enough to play outside. anybody been to certain advantageous protective volleyball camps? Thanks!
it should be inside the inside the south or at minimum inside the east…

Answer by xmusicaddict
One of the greatest camps to aid we out might need to be a camp inside Utah. It is a BYU mormon volleyball camp. We never have to be mormon to go. But you do need to signal certain agreements regarding cussing plus clothing. It is alittle pricy. But following my clinic there last summer i prepared varsity at my school.


Answer by vball_setter_01
Check into Nebraska (Corn Huskers) Volleyball camp, their cost is fair, plus they were quantity 1 or 2 all year for university volleyball, These are generally awesome. But it form of depends about where we reside. I reside inside Missouri thus i am form of close. consider all of the localized universities, nearly all of them have specialty camps you are able to go to

Answer by audrey
well, I agree with all the the UNL answer. I go there each year, as well as are AMAZING!! it’s a 3 day camp, not too pricey, plus they teach we a lot! its’ amazing, thus in the event you reside anywhere close Lincoln, Nebraska, GO!! =)

( They have camps, specializing inside liberos plus protective experts..check it out! )